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Backflow Testing, Repair, Installation in Albuquerque and the Surrounding Area

A backflow preventer device is a type of mechanical plumbing device, which is designed to prevent water of unknown quality from flowing backward in the plumbing system. To prevent contaminants and pollutants from entering the system, and by extension our drinking water, it is critically important that the backflow preventer device is always in top working condition. Annual backflow testing will ensure that the device is functioning properly and that our water is contaminant-free and safe to drink.

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At Accredited Backflow Specialists, we have provided Albuquerque and the surrounding regions with quality backflow testing and repairs since 2011. As a leading backflow testing and repair company in Albuquerque, we know what an important role our services play in preventing backflow and ensuring safe drinking water. When you choose us for your testing and repair needs, you are choosing a company that is committed to providing superior service, every time. Backflow testing and repairs are all we do, so you can bet that we get the job done right, the first time. We will test during off hours if needed as well as perform repairs to the main line.

Testing & Repair Services

During inspection, we at Accredited Backflow Specialists will evaluate every component of the backflow device to ensure they are functioning properly. Our goal is to prevent:

  • • Backflow
  • • Backpressure
  • • Backsiphonage
  • • Cross connections

Should we find a problem with a pipe, valve, or fixture, we can inform you on the best course of action and make necessary repairs.

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